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“When it comes to uniform and grooming standards, are we at the point of no return?”


PoliceOne Online, April, 2024, Author

"Proxy policing - Political hypocrisy in the defund era"

American Police Beat Magazine, Jan, 2024, Author

"Debunking the perpetual narrative of racial bias in policing"

American Police Beat Magazine, June, 2023, Author


"The unspoken truth behind the recruitment and retention crisis"

American Police Beat Magazine, May, 2023, Author

"The police reform goal: use of force without options"

American Police Beat Magazine, March, 2023, Author

"The imprisonment of law enforcement technology"


American Police Beat Magazine, February, 2023, Author

"America needs a more balanced discussion of police reform and reducing violence"


Orange County Register, February, 2023, Co-Author

"Preventing Police Misconduct Requires Practical Actions, Not Ideological Reforms"


California Globe, February, 2023, Co-Author

"Persecution of the LEO is Classic Schadenfreude"


American Police Beat Magazine, January, 2022, Author

"NPA Report with Paul Cappitelli, Police Captain (Ret), public safety and police practices expert"


National Police Association YouTube, December 2021

The Rule of Law is Worthless Without Order


 American Police Beat Magazine, December, 2021, Author

School policing: a paradox of the defund movement


American Police Beat Magazine, November, 2021, Author

“Defending the honor of the LE profession - finally!”


   American Police Beat Magazine, September, 2021, Author

“The dichotomy of the defund movement: reality setting in”


   American Police Beat Magazine, August, 2021, Author

“Self-reform: making adjustments for career survival”


   American Police Beat Magazine, July, 2021, Author

“Crowd control force options: a cacophony of mixed messages”


   American Police Beat Magazine, June, 2021, Author

"Justice department reviews - the storm is on the horizon”


   American Police Beat Magazine, May, 2021, Author

“Negligent police driving: the self-inflicted wound”


   American Police Beat Magazine, May, 2021, Author


“The degradation of due process for the LEO: it's not fair!”

   American Police Beat Magazine, April, 2021, Author

“Scrutiny of PC - one step closer to "drive and wave" policing”

   American Police Beat Magazine, March, 2021, Author

"How to improve your odds for promotion in 2020", December 2019, Contributor

"5 of the biggest issues facing law enforcement in 2019", December 2018, Author

“4 critical elements of professional growth and development in law enforcement”, July 2016, Author

“7 of the biggest issues facing law enforcement in 2016”, January 2016, Author

"Leadership in the face of scrutiny: 5 strategies for offsetting negativity”, October 2015, Author

"Four things every newly promoted police leader should know", March 2015, Author

"Five tips for successful police leadership in 2015", January 2015, Author

"10 things that fuel negative police image among the public", November 2014, Author

"Surviving a career in law enforcement", October 2014, Author

"3 ways to combat degradation of morale in your agency", September 2014, Author

" 3 keys to preventing problem officers in your ranks", August 2014, Author

" Little-used state laws in California can help keep weapons off the street", April 2013, Co-Author

"Negligent driving is our scourge"


Law Officer Magazine Editorial, October 2012, Author

"Establishing a career pipeline in public schools"


Police Chief Magazine, November 2011, Co-Author

"Getting smart about compliance"


Police Chief Magazine, May 2011, Co-Author

"Safe driving - the role of the chief"


Police Chief Magazine, March 2010, Co-Author

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